Our customers had reported several accounts of intimidating and aggressive behaviour by one of their neighbours, who was also a BCHG tenant. This behaviour included targeted shouting towards the victims and entering of their homes without an invitation, making them feel unsafe. The report also included disorderly behaviour from the perpetrator inciting trouble and bringing his own acquaintances into the neighbourhood who would cause criminal damage to communal areas.

We received personal accounts from the residents and local business owners about the nuisance. Both BCHG and the local residents reported the information to the police, but the matter was not being investigated on a criminal basis. We continued to proactively speak to our residents and gather all the information we could in order to look into what action we as a landlord could take.

With the cooperation of our residents, we were able to take out a legal order against the perpetrator to stop his behaviour. We followed this up with a three-stage process of eviction so we could remove the perpetrator from the property.

We succeeded in our efforts and the preparator was evicted, resulting in our customers feeling more secure in their homes. We know the impact that anti-social behaviour can have on communities and BCHG will continue to act on any reports and evidence that is provided to us.