Christmas can be an expensive time. Here are some money saving tips that can help you plan so you can prioritise paying your rent and essential bills.

  • Look at your regular outgoing payments to decide how much you can afford to spend for Christmas. Your outgoing payments will show rent and essential bills to be paid first.
  • Shop early rather than later. This helps you plan to buy the right thing rather than leaving everything to the last minute and stops impulse buying.
  • Leave your debit or credit card at home when you go shopping – it's easy to spend more than you planned when paying with plastic.
  • Expensive gifts are not always the best, so set limits on presents.
  • To avoid buying everyone a gift in the family, you could decide on a Secret Santa to buy for one person only at a limited cost. This way everyone gets a gift of the same value and saves your cash.
  • Finally, enjoy the festive period by making sure you have paid your priority bills first (such as rent and utility bills) – this will give you peace of mind to relax over the Christmas season.

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